Welcome to Holly and Asia’s Peer Teaching Blog


We’re excited to be the first group to embark upon the peer teaching component of our Art Education course. We’ll be teaching the class about fibers, specifically dyeing and hand stitching techniques. We hope to begin class with a thought provoking debate over what genre fibers belongs to. Is the medium of fibers an art or craft? Does it have to be one? Maybe it’s both?

Our focus during the first lesson will be how societies and cultures of past and present  use wearable textiles as a form of communication. This will lead into our project of students creating their own fabric square using dyes, screen-printing, and needlework to reflect their educational experience at CSU.

The second lesson is still under construction but plan to focus on the relationship of  communities sharing their love of fiber arts. In the second lesson students will be hand stitching their educational experience square onto our pseudo CSU quilt.